Dynamic selector for diffrent user


i have to click one by one and send some information.
how to click all user one by one
I use dynamic variable in selctor

Hi Buddy,

There are two ways to make it dynamic .

  1. If your number of names are fixed, then you can make the URL dynamic , so that it will open information regarding to id.

  2. If this list is fixed, just see for index in the selector property and make that particular index dynamic, whenever BOT will run it will click one by one to each ID present in the list.

Let me know in case of any question.


Please be more clear. I t was too vivid to understand

Hi @ashishmani,

Indicate on any one of the contacts and share the selector that will be more helpful to see if you can pass the names dynamically and click on each contact.


according to you, first, I extract user name from website and pass into the selector one by one

Make sure there is no extra spaces while passing the user name into the dynamic selector.

Yes @ashishmani