Clicking every mail named "Ted Talks Daily" dynamically

Hello guys,
I am trying to click the gmail which is named “Ted Talks Daily”

My issue is when the I assigning a dynamic selector, it did not validate.

Here is some selector examples.

Any help will be appreciated.

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Hi @Basak_Demirel,

Could you please show the dynamic selector which was not validating.


Hi @Basak_Demirel

I think as per the screenshot of your email, there are more than one ted talks, so make sure that selector should be designed accordingly,

Another reason of not validating is due to change in title,

title as per your screenshot is Inbox (4,453)- -Gmail

You can change to like this
Inbox *- -Gmail

Since the number of mail changes everytime

Nived N

Actually I scrape all the data and assign a variable “name”. And I am trying to click every emails according to the their names. This is my first purpose for learning.
After that I think I can assign name defalut like “Ted Talks Daily”.

and this is the what I am trying to make dynamic selector

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Yes my main aim is clicking the all ted talks.
I’ve already did the inbox*
can you check the my previous response. May be I explain here better.
Thank you

Hey @Basak_Demirel

The name variable you are creating to pass in the selector should posses the exact string value as below

TED Talks Daily

This will retrieve all the TED Talks email and similarly for other’s you can pass exact value.


But @Nithinkrishna
I think he should other parameters too since there are many mails which is having subject as TED Talks Daily, like in right end , there is a time parameter too as well, which can be considered to select the required mail @Basak_Demirel

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Yes, if required time, row number or idx…

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