Dynamic Selector Challenge in UiPath Studio

Hi UiPath experts,

I’m facing a challenge with dynamic selectors in UiPath Studio. The web page I’m automating has dynamic elements, and I’m struggling to create selectors that adapt to these changes. What strategies or techniques do you recommend for dealing with dynamic selectors in UiPath Studio?

Hi @Swaroop_Naidu ,

Please follow below steps
Dealing with dynamic selectors requires a flexible approach. Here are some strategies:

  1. Use wildcards (*) in the selector to match dynamic parts of the element’s attributes.
  2. Leverage the UiExplorer tool to fine-tune and validate dynamic selectors visually.
  3. Consider using relative selectors or anchor-based selectors to provide more stability.
  4. If possible, use reliable attributes like “id” or “class” that are less likely to change.
  5. Regularly review and update selectors as needed, especially after changes to the target application.
  6. Usage of fuzzy selectors/regex based selectors also helps us in achieving the same .
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Sure will follow the above approach

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