Dynamic pagination Problem

Hello All,
I am new with Uipath, I am facing pagination problem in the web-scrapping, I can resolve pagination of the simple click next button, But I get trouble in Dynamic pagination E.g Scroll, I got some solution but it won’t work. Please can anyone share me an example robot that I refer it.

Hi @skygarye You can make use of Image exists activity to scroll a page. Then use while activity, inside the condition, have output boolean variable. If not true it goes inside the loop and make use of send hotkey to page down. Finally, copy and paste the above image exists activity.

This is how it works, First it looks for certain image if it does not exist it goes inside the loop and sends hotkey. Inside the loop, it checks for image exists since both images exist activity has the same output variable. It gets updated to not found. This loop continues until the image is found.

Let me know if you have any queries or i’ll send the workflow. You can also use simple Send hotkey Ctrl + end which will straightly go to the end of the page

Happy automation.

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