Dynamic HTML-elements broken?

Hello there. I am trying to pass a value to my html component as it mentioned in the official docs.

  1. So here i created variable to pass a value:
    which i am passing as IN ARGUMENT during show form activity

  2. After i assigned that value as data.myVar in my html conponent:

  3. But when i run the form, i get nothing, its just empty:

Am i doing something wrong or that feature is broken? :upside_down_face:


Did you select refresh on change check box?


yes, refresh on change checkbox is checked

can you try on your machine and tell if its working or not?


It is working as expected …if you are checking preview then you might not see it…try to run it check in the actions tab


I am sorry, where is the actions tab? I don’t see any


It would be present on Orchestrator


i didnt publish my project to cloud, i am just testing it now. Can you send me some working xml?

I want if i pass the argument to see that string in the form, isnt that possible?

the problem is when i use like label element and pass a fieldKey for a label, everything is working perfectly, but when i do my own variable to pass as a data for html elements its not working at all.

I see that is passing the dictionary into the form, but after its like no value readed from that dictionary, if i use {{data.myValue}} or i use {{arguments.myValue}}, there is just nothing, and you telling is not a bug?

Hello @ustuyanovmaksim

Check the reference post.



You need not publish to orchestrator…May I know are you using create form task ? Or are you creating a form as a separate page?

If create form task then just run that single activity and a task would be created in actions tab in orchestrator …where you can see the value of the variables…in the preview values of varaibles would not reflect,only hardcoded values can be seen…

Or else atleast use a show form activity and pass the form and run the show form activity which will open the form and will show the values as well…


I am using form as separate page. So yes, that’s exactly the problem that when I use “show form” activity, I don’t have any values that I passed on that form. I mean, I definitely can see it’s passing an object through a form, but when I try to render it’s showing nothing

@ustuyanovmaksim any update on this I am facing same issue
Please help on this

Nah, no solution for now, i just abandoned that idea till maybe UiPath team will release stable version of forms activity or release better docs.