Dynamic Excel Columns For Copy Data

Hi guys,

Think an excel sheet. Which have 2 columns.

DataColumn_İn_DT1 | DataColumn_in_DT2 //header

ColumnNameX | ColumnNameY
ColumnNameZ | ColumnNameT

And there are 2 excel. I will append first excel to second. But their column names and column numbers are different.

So In DT1, ColumnNameX will be append to DT2, ColumnNameY. Column names will be dynamic. How can i solve this?


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Hi @ercanebiler,

  • Use this activity to ** copy to clipboard ** the data in the excel (Excel1.xlsx).
  • Use the find ** last row ** in Excel2.xlsx.

-Finally ** Paste Clipboard ** the data in specified(the last row +1 ).


I will check and update! Thanks for your effort @balupad14

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You are welcome !!!

Well I guess this will work for excel column indexes are stable(doesn’t change). Like i said i have an excel config for copy. I need to get that data and append according to the config. I am adding samples for better understanding.

So process will read CopyConfig, will append dt1 to dt2 according to the CopyConfig.

Excels.zip (19.0 KB)

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Hi @ercanebiler,

I understand the flow. Where it comes from the data for dt1 and dt2.

Thank you

DT1 is coming with mail attachment. DT2 is in a common folder.

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Any thoughts?