Copy and Paste the column values from a given column name to a desired column name

Hello guys,

I have a query . In the attached excel file , I want to copy and paste from 31 to 55.

I have to start to print the data after “Part B started” and paste before “Part C Begin”.

Test_For_Copy_before_specific_column.xlsx (9.5 KB)

How can I do it??

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Nirmalya Sarkar


You want it as a Static rows or with Dynamic rows?


@Srini84 ,

For Dynamic rows.

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use read range pass the range as “A31:A35” , you will be able to store the result in the datatable then where ever you want to write you can use same datatable…

@hkjobs1988 ,

Actually, it’s not the output which i want.

My Question is based on particular column name I have to copy and paste the data.

And the column range can be dynamic.

So, I can’t use “A35:A55”.



You can use Lookup Datatable activity to get the index of the row of “Part B Started” and “Part C Begin”

Using that you can define your rows

Hope this will help you