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I have a bot which has multiple delays and it is working fine. But is it possible that these delays can be dynamic? As of now these delays are fix between 3-10 secs however I want each delay to have random/dynamic time. Anything between 3-10 secs.

Is it possible?

Hi @Saurm21

instead of delay activity you can use element exists for each activity

ashwin S

Have a look on following activity as well:

otherwise you would randomly create the delay information on a variable anfd would use it for the delay activity

You already got the answer
—Yes if you want to make the delay dynamic in time then we should NOT use delay
—The reason is when we use delay we will be mentioning a solid timestamp with milliseconds
—So this Delay will wait ti the time gets completely over and now at can be interrupted and continued
—But we do with some other activities like ELEMENT EXISTS, if we are waiting for an element to appear, IMAGE EXISTS if we are waiting for an image to appear, WAIT IMAGE VANISH if we are waiting for an image to vanish, WAIT ELEMENT VANISH if we are waiting for an element to vanish, ON ELEMENT APPEAR if we are waiting for an element to appear which is different from ELEMENT EXISTS as it would give us a Boolean output while on element appear is a container and will execute the activity in its container if that element appear

So in the above set of activities we can use time stamps similar to that of DELAY but it is completely different here
That is when the element or image is found or appeared on the screen this timestamp mention above to the set of activities will break abruptly and continue with the next set of activities
While if we are using Delay activity though the element or image has appeared already it will wait until the mentioned time gets drained

So hope know you have got the answer from your question
That’s all you are done
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Saurm21

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