Dynamic Wait

I have a scenario , The robot open the Remote desktop and starts an applications. After staring one message appear which need to be clicked . But the time under which the message box appear is not fixed. How can i use a dynamic wait till the message box does not appear.
Note : This all activity will be done on Remote desktop.
Any help will really appreciated.

Please check:

It might give you a starting point.

u can use click image activity with maximum timeout property
means put 99999999 in timeout
but u has to be sure it will come!

I looked through the flow. There i can see that it is using Element Exist activity which has an boolean output. But since i am working on remote desktop will Element Exist will work ? Since the UIpath will treat everything as an image. And Find Image output is not boolean

So in this case it will click as soon as the images appears ?

yes it will click once it gets an image

Dont use find image insted use image exist it will give u an boolean op
if doesnt exist then again iterate in loop to image exist

thanks a lot

You got a soluntion???

will try with Image exist and then checking it with if condition and putting a delay

use flowchart instead of if
so that u can loop it