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I am looking for some guidance regarding dynamic delay between pages in internet explore. We have a system that is build on thousands of single pages - and pages can load in various timespans.
I have so far used “FIND IMAGE” a lot - but when running unattended i run into timeouts on my find images.

Any good tips?

How you are opening pages everytime?
Using Open Browser everytime or some other way?

Karthik Byggari


You can set it into a while where you define one Boolean Variable

  1. While Condition = bln_ImageExists = False
  2. Find Image Activity
  3. Optional set a Delay Activity with 3sec

And when the Image exists your boolean is on true and it goes on


You can try something like this, if you like to increase the timeout you can do it in the element exist activity else you will have some delay activity with some hard delay as well.

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Place a unique element between the page and check again if the element exists or not like below


You can break this infinite loop using counter


using delays are good e.g. for analysing the application behaviours, but should be used very carefully
reacting on a particular element is the key of the most approaches
wrapping this in (indefinite loops) is a common technique
Bringing this together with a controlled termination, have a look on retry scope:

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