Dynamic data scraping

I would like to get some guidance for dynamic data scraping through UiPath.

My scenario is,

  1. Read URL and search keywords from a text file (It may have many URLs)

  2. Open the web page (URL) and search for the product mentioned as keywords

  3. Scrape the search results and convert it into CSV/Json file.

I am able to automate the first step. Got stuck-up with 2 and 3 since the URLs are dynamic.

Any input would be really helpful.

This is the sample text file:



for this assignment you should have three different invokes one for each website, have a switch case validate your input contains amazon then you need to invoke Amazon data scraping, for flipkart you need to invoke flipkart and so on.

Thank you for the input Divya. The websites may not be the same. Also is there any dynamic method of doing data scraping instead of using the data scraping wizard (if we do scraping through the wizard for amazon, then it may not be working for flipkart or snapdeal right?)