Dynamic clicking from excel to web

I have some data in excel.


I want to click in web by using excel data.


Can anyone please help ASAP.

Ideally need to see what the selectors are on that website. Is it something you can share? Or at least show us the selectors for the what you want to click.


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Usually we will have data in excel. Based on that data we need to click in the grid.

Like i said I have a name in excel and i need to click on web.
If name changes in excel it should dynamically search for the name and should click it.

Can you please send xaml file

try something like this.

It pulls the name from the excel, and uses the variable as part of the selector to click on the website. I’ve tried it a few times and seems pretty stable.

Main.xaml (11.4 KB)

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Thank you very much. Working fine