Dynamically click on all items in a web page

Can’t seem to make the following work in StudioX : click on all items on a page one-by-one. The items are tags and using the “Click” activity I can click on ANY ONE of them but I can’t seem to be able to make this DYNAMIC. All tags are under a parent tag so no issue with identifying the correct items.

I found some references about dynamic selectors but seems that in StudioX the Selector will escape any attempt to use a variable (for example […] idx=’"+CurrentIndex +"’ […] will be escaped to […] idx=‘quot;+CurrentIndex+quot;’ […]). Also Text selector seems to handle content as string so can’t use CurrentRow.ByField(“Column”)

The end scenario I’m trying to accomplish here is download a list of transaction files for each bank account associated to my username. After downloading the files (CSV) I need to clean some data in each file and then concatenate into one big file. All this seems in scope for StudioX capabilities but I might be missing something.

Any help is useful

Please try to get the selectors of both the pages and then check them if they are some with a difference in the page numbers or any number changes in those, then make that particular value dynamic everytime using a string variable and then pass that variable to the activity

Is your suggestion for Studio or StudioX? As far as I understand SutdioX does not support variables (workaround is to use Excel cells) but even more so the Click activity seems to only supports pure string content and I can’t find a way to reference Excel cell.

I’m not sure if I understand totally what your exact steps are, but what you are missing in StudioX, can’t just manipulate in excel? Take for example the default workbook which comes with a new project where you have some examples to manipulate dates and just indicating to those cells where you prepare formulas/regex?
Let us know what steps you need to take and where you end in a deadlock and I hope we can help You further!

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It seems that this scenario cannot be achieved right now straight out of the box. Indeed, you would need a way to pass variables to the Click Target (either in the selector, or the Text section). A feature for this is in the works, most likely the one that was already implemented for Selectors last year.

Thanks for clarifying this.