Dynamically click on all items in a web page

Can’t seem to make the following work in StudioX : click on all items on a page one-by-one. The items are tags and using the “Click” activity I can click on ANY ONE of them but I can’t seem to be able to make this DYNAMIC. All tags are under a parent tag so no issue with identifying the correct items.

I found some references about dynamic selectors but seems that in StudioX the Selector will escape any attempt to use a variable (for example […] idx=’"+CurrentIndex +"’ […] will be escaped to […] idx=‘quot;+CurrentIndex+quot;’ […]). Also Text selector seems to handle content as string so can’t use CurrentRow.ByField(“Column”)

The end scenario I’m trying to accomplish here is download a list of transaction files for each bank account associated to my username. After downloading the files (CSV) I need to clean some data in each file and then concatenate into one big file. All this seems in scope for StudioX capabilities but I might be missing something.

Any help is useful

Please try to get the selectors of both the pages and then check them if they are some with a difference in the page numbers or any number changes in those, then make that particular value dynamic everytime using a string variable and then pass that variable to the activity

Is your suggestion for Studio or StudioX? As far as I understand SutdioX does not support variables (workaround is to use Excel cells) but even more so the Click activity seems to only supports pure string content and I can’t find a way to reference Excel cell.

I’m not sure if I understand totally what your exact steps are, but what you are missing in StudioX, can’t just manipulate in excel? Take for example the default workbook which comes with a new project where you have some examples to manipulate dates and just indicating to those cells where you prepare formulas/regex?
Let us know what steps you need to take and where you end in a deadlock and I hope we can help You further!

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It seems that this scenario cannot be achieved right now straight out of the box. Indeed, you would need a way to pass variables to the Click Target (either in the selector, or the Text section). A feature for this is in the works, most likely the one that was already implemented for Selectors last year.

Thanks for clarifying this.

Is this feature available to prepare dynamic selector on StudioX on run time?

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