Duplicate value while scarping

Hey all,

I am getting an issue while scarping the data from multiple pages while click on the next button my data table is writing duplicate values in the Excel like first table is written two times please help to avoid this duplication

Hi @Himanshu_Vishwakarma ,

You could try using the Remove Duplicate Rows Activity.

Let us know if this doesn’t work out, and also provide specifics about what is the duplicated content.

can you share some screenshots from your current implementation? thanks

I can do this but while scarping we don’t want duplicate values to be written in the Excel whenever we are clicking on the next page the pages takes some time to load so bot writes the previous page data also in the Excel so we want do avoid this delay also we can’t add because we don’t know how much time it will take to load the page so we want a alternative solution for that

I have done something like this but its not working