Data Scrapping Issue- Excel sheet duplicate itself

I’m currently using the 2020 version 2.12
I’m having trouble when I did the data scrapping from the SEC website. Basically, my excel sheets are not right. The issue is like this:
Sheet 1:
data A
Sheet 2:
data A
data B
Sheet 3:
data A
data B
data C
you got the idea right?

I’m wondering if anyone can help me with this, please. This is for a school project and due on Wed. If you need anything from me, please let me know.


Welcome to our UiPath community.

Sorry I didn’t get you. Could you please tell more details about the issue for better understanding.

^i upload the excel file that has the problem. If you see, the sheet 2 copies the information from sheet 1 and add the new information later on.
Sheet 3 copies the information from sheet 1 and 2 and add the new informatio later on.
So on…
I don’t want them copy each other. any solution for this?

HI can you upload your files here ?

use this because accses is denied on the linnnk you share
and can you shre the website link and what you want to copppy or the screenshot??


“Sorry, new users can’t upload attachment”. Not sure why