Duplicate created while spliting

Variable - C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\Test Folder\Spain\Alberta Investment Management Corporation\2020\Local Authorities Pension Plan\Source Data\Forms210,C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\Test Folder\Spain\Alberta Investment Management Corporation\2020\Public Service Pension Plan\Source Data\Forms210
When i split this variable with comma it gives me 3 string ,but it have only 2 it give 3rd string as empty
how solve this



Please use like this


This will remove the empty entry


but when i print that variable it prints like this System.String

that’s correct as it will return the datatype and not the value

You can use String.Join(“|”, yourSplitArrayVar)

For inspections / debugging purpose we do recommend to focus on the different debugging panels instead of printing part results

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This will give an array of strings when you splir…
Use (0) (1) to access each…or use loop