Dummyjson data retrive through uipath


Can someone help how can i get data from dummyjson API is uipath.

Im using httprequest and adding the url in endpoint “https://dummyjson.com/products

Im getting error:

Invalid Url: The hostname could not be parsed.

Can someone help.

Hi @WonderWomen

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Have you tried to use HTTP Request Activity?


Demo.txt (16.5 KB)

Check out the like for more info


I got it to work before i saw ur reply.
But thanks for answer.

Can you share your work around with us @WonderWomen , It will be helpful for other too.

Have tried with above solution ?

I will do once im done with it…

Im having issue with write line when im printing the data of products or users…
dont know what im doing wrong… can you help

I think this API have more products and my simple write line is not wting the title …
Can you help how to solve it.

Products is an array.
Try jsonAsObjectoutput.SelectToken("products[0].title").ToString to get the title from first item.

Or you can use Deserialize JSON Array activity to output as JsonArray and loop over all items and get title.