Dropdown selected value is not retained

My application is a dotnet based stand alone, I have to select a value from a dropdown (Dynamic grid), it is selecting properly, but reverting back to default value , when moved to other field. (Selected value is not retaining). Please suggest how to handle for such scenario.


For selecting the value you have to make sure that you are passing the exact drop down value

Still facing issue then Can you share some screens about your issue?


I think, It is selected drop down value, So value passed correctly, but on moving to other field ,automatically drop down value getting changed.
I also faced same issue. Please suggest how to handle that.


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For that we can try with giving delay after selecting the value

This can be a one way of workaround

Hope this helps


Thank you,
I tried by giving delay but not worked…
Actually it is drop down which contains numbers…1,2,3…etc. I am selecting ‘2’ but it is changing to ‘1’.