Dropdown Value is changing automatically before saving. I am not sure why it is happening?

Hi all,

Select Item Activity is selecting the Correct value from dropdown but the value is changing automatically to some other value before saving. I am not sure why it is happening ?


Initially Select Item Selecting Correct Value → State as “WA” before saving changing into “WY”
[FYI - I have gave 15 Sec Delay also]

Thanks in advance,
Jayavignesh G

Not sure of this issue

Try this way instead of select item activity

  1. Use click activitiy to select the drop-down menu

  2. Use another click activitiy to select an option from drop-down by using the dynamic selector approach

Try this way


Nived N :robot:

But while using the Click activity it was selecting the whole value in drop down. Kindly help me on this to sort out asap.

Is there any other approach to handle it ??

Hi @Jayavignesh_G

Is it possible to show the html structure of it ?

I have attached html code above. Is this Enough for you ??

Hi @Jayavignesh_G
can u share the seelctor too here

The css selector part would be like this

"<webctrl css-selector='option[value="+country+"]/>"

Above this add the top level part [window title part]

eg : like this


Nived N