Adding a dropdown selector list to your nuget library for incoming input options

When setting up the incoming arguments for a new customized Nuget Library, i want to provide a drop down list to select from for an incoming input.

For example, when using the OpenBrowser activity, the BrowserType has a predefined drop-down of options to pick from: “IE, CHROME, FIREFOX, EDGE”.

Is there a way to create our own list for a dropdown experience?


you can use Windows Workflow Foundation for creating custom activity with proper controller.
please check below link for refrence.

Hi @adam.spiker

I’m not sure if you are working with UiPath libraries or if you are creating a Custom Activity for UiPath. For the second option you can check the following link Dropdown Selection Property of Custom Activity - #2 by vvaidya

Hope this works for you :+1:

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this looks like what im wanting. thank you. but how do i go about implementing this? is there an example i can take a look at?

@adam.spiker here you can check how to build a Custom Activity

Also, the previous link has an example of how to do it. Only to let you know, the dropdown list will only available into the options panel of the activity, if you want to display the dropdown list into the design panel you have to perform additional steps, you can check that into the @DhirajDahiwad response. In my personal opinion its too much work to do, and its not an great added value, but its up to you.

Let us know how is it going with your custom activity, this forum helps a lot

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ty both. i have what i need now.

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