DropBox Activities - Download File Fails - Bad Request Response

I am using the new DropBox activities (“UiPath.Dropbox.IntegrationService.Activities”: “3.0.0”) along with the UiPath Integration Service. My account has been linked without issue in Integration Service and the Default account shows up when Configuring the Dropbox Scope. The Connection Test passes for both Robot Connection and Studio Connection to the same, default Connection.

I have tried all different ways to include the File ID, even as a string literal, so the issue is not with the link. No matter what is entered, the following error occurs:

Activity ended with error:
ErrorCode: [400]
Message: Bad Request
RequestId: 626602d1e4b077975f8cb9b7"

I am wondering if this is an issue with the Activities Package and the API call itself? If it was user error, I would assume I would be getting a different error, such as 404 or 403. Is this a known issue?

@Kolapur_Ganesh_Singh I saw that you recently posted on an Upload File issue within Dropbox Activities, is this related?



Hey @nick.boswell

400 Bad Request will normally occur when there is some invalid data passed.


@nick.boswell We will check and get back to you ASAP.

Can you please share what are the various values of file id that you have passed and show us with a screenshot or recording that they are valid.I have added a recording of the flow where it is working successfully when a proper fieid is created during upload file .


Thanks for your reply! Your video was very informative.

I was under the impression that the File ID was included in the Share Link from DropBox Web, but after looking further into it, it is rather just a random token associated with the Share Link. I did find that there is a method for retrieving the File ID from the Share Link, but this functionality is not included in the UiPath DropBox activities.

For my purposes, I need to download a file from DropBox that was created outside of a bot execution by a standard business user. In it’s current form, it looks like the UiPath Dropbox activities only allow for a file Download only after it has been uploaded in the same execution. This seems like a pretty severe limitation and makes the DropBox activities much less appealing.

Might I recommend a new activity in the collection that uses this endpoint:


If it is not possible to create an activity for this endpoint, perhaps the “Invoke Operation” activity could be modified to allow for any user-created DropBox API endpoint, instead of limiting the operations within this activity to operations that already exist as separate activities.


Edit to above! I built an HTTP request to get the File ID using the endpoint I noted in my last reply, but I was still getting a 409 error when trying to use the Download File activity.

I have since found this endpoint to Download Shared Link files directly from the Link itself, bypassing the need for a File ID:


This also works to download the file as long as the requesting user has view access to the file in the Share Link.

Creating an activity for this endpoint will vastly enhance the usefulness of the DropBox activities set!

Thank you for your help. With the current limitations of the DropBox activities, I will implement the solution I found for now, and look forward to hopefully getting this useful endpoint built as a future activity in the Dropbox package.



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