Select from drop down in excel

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I am currently struggeling with the folliowing issue:

i have an excel file which has a drop down menu (the drop down menu is not linked to a cell). In the drop down menu are certain names. The idea is that the bot selects the name (based on an input dialog in which the user selects). Afterwards the bot needs to press a button below the drop down menu that “loads” the excel file in the right formatting.

I know this can be done via click image and hotkeys but ideally i would like to not use that since the drop down menu has over 40 names. Is there any way to work around this?



You can use click activity with simulate click option checked in the properties panel. So even the name is not visible in the dropdown, simulate click works in the background.

Karthik Byggari

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Hi–can someone comment a solution to this? Using click and hotkey activities haven’t worked for me. The list I need to choose from is a list of the months, and I need to choose the current month. I already have month variables that change based on the current month. I also cannot just type into the box because it always responds:


The drop down box is pictured below