Draw arrows from one point to other

I have one application in which i need to draw arrow from one point A to other point B. On hover of point A it shows downword arrow (faint) and on hover of this faint arrow it becomes dark and then we can click on it so that it gets connected to other point B.

Issue I am facing is whenever I hover on point A not able to capture that faint blue arrow .Also tried recording but it does not detect that arrow. How can be this done ?

Thans in advance,

Try hitting the ESC key before pulling the lines.

Hopefully it should help.

Simple example attached here to draw line in MSPaint. Check if this is helpful.
Main.xaml (6.2 KB)

This is done using CursorPosition(X, Y & postion)

On ESC also lines are not visible


Thanks, will apply this on my application.