Lesson 5 practice 2-'Clipping Region' Not sure what we have achieved here?


Hi All,

I’m going through the Lessons but this one has confused me. This is a lesson on Clipping Regions.

First we attach to notepad (fair enough)
Then we ‘Highlight’ the entire text region and dblclick
Then we ‘Highlight’ a small region on the right and dblclick
Then we find element on a small region on the left which is passed to a UiElement variable
Then we highlight and dblclick that variable

After doing this exercise I was not clear what had been achieved/what was being done with whatever results we had/why we had selected a full text region then a region on the right and then a region on the left.

When I ran it 3 ‘words’ not whole regions seemed to be highlighted at various points in the process but I still have no idea what was achieved in this process.

Any insights would be appreciated thank you.

Main.xaml (11.9 KB)