Drag mouse

For digital signature in pdf must have drag the mouse in pdf file, so How to do that… Thanks before

Hi @Pasola

is it hover mouse you are going to mention ?

Kindly be specific with your query.

Are you trying to drag and drop something.

i just want to drag some area (signature area) in file pdf no to drop

yes just drag mouse (click >hold>pull down> swipe right) and release the mouse

i see another post that have similiar problem with you, please check this post

also this

thank you riefnaibaho i will try

I have same requirement, can you please provide me the solution.
In case if you have already resolved.

Did u got solution for this digital signature i’m facing the same issue

What excactly do you want to do @Pasola do you want to write signature in pdf ?

cheers :smiley:

Happy learning :smiley:


Hi @Ankumarm,

Did you find a solution? In case you found it, could you share it, please?