Inserting a new column and dragging the column with a formula

Hi all
So this is the scenario

I have an excel opened at run time . Now i dont know how many rows it has , how many cols it has.

All i need to do is

  1. Towards the end or anywhere in the sheet , create a new column
  2. In the second cell of that column, apply a formula.
  3. Drag that formula down until the last row.

Now please remember i dont know how many rows or cols the sheet has . So i am looking for a way to use the activity in uipath and get it done.

A little reluctant to use data tables and row count or col count etc.

Please shoot in your ideas

Hi, so you are automating the opened excel file and not by reading the file inside an excel scope with read range, is that it?


Did you find any solution for dragging?