Drag and Drop

I tried doing drag and drop on my desktop and its working just fine by following the instructions given by the website but i want to know is there any way to use it for transferring file from one software to another, like from PowerPoint to Paint or something like that.

Hi @Shivam_Pamnani

Welcome to UiPath community and that was a great question to start with
I haven’t tried this before but i hope this would work…
–Use start process activity and pass the file path of powerpoint as input to this activity
–go to the slide you want by using a send hot key with slide no say you want to go for 2nd slide then mention as 2 in send hot key and use another hot key with enter as key that would take you to the slide you want to go and then click on the image you want to transfer using a click activity
–then use a send hot key activity and use keys ctrl+c
–use another start process and provide the input as file path of your paint file
–click on window in your paint application using click activity
–use another send hot key with keys ctrl+v which would paste the image here in paint