Drag a dynamic bar appear in desktop application

Please help.
How to drag a dynamic bar appear in desktop application

Want to Drag the bar at below dotted line

Hi @kalv

Check this

Drag mouse


Kindly have a view on this, an article from uipath on drag and drop

hope this could help you
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Hi, if this process like drag and drop method, please go through this link ‘https://www.uipath.com/kb-articles/how-to-automate-drag-and-drop


the Bar (shown in pic) is dynamic length…so how can i locate the length

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i hope its not about the length, its like where we want to drag and place it…
so while choosing the last click with up key (to release the mouse button) locate a place where the dragged one is to be dropped
–hover is used to locate the place where we need to drag till
hope that is what is been mentioned here

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Thanks for reply.
here i have to use click image as click is not working in that application.
So while using click image i have to indicate the length, which is not fixed all time.

Hmm i hope we can mention the place untill where to drag with HOVER IMAGE activity
Kindly try with computer vision activities

Cheers @kalv