Download email attachment , in form of link

Hey Guys

i have to download attachment from email
but in email i have link in that link attachment is there
please tell how to do this


extract the link from the body of the Outlook

2.use http request activity and pass the link it will download the file

Hope this helps

can u please elaborate


After extracting the link from the body use Http activity

Pass the link in the request Url option


It will fetch the file

pass the folderpathname in the option of Resource Path

hope this helps


  1. Either use regex to extract the link from the body or save the htmlbody as a .html file and open the file in Browser and extract the link using get attribute activity
  2. Subsequently use http request to download the attachment…you need to pass the url in the uri field and you have an option t give the filepath as output which will save the resultant file directly

one regex method