Downloading pdf files

I’m trying to download pdf files in first run it’s an downloading but when I’m trying to run second time it’s taking only one pdf file

@suraj_gaikwad can you explain little bit more. where are you downloading file and what you want to do

I’m downloading file from web side and it’s moving in other folder but running first time.perfect
But second its only taking one pdf files

@suraj_gaikwad after downloading it is picking only one?

Yes right ! When I’m running first attempt it’s downloading all pdf files but when I’m running for second time it’s picking only one pdf file


Can you please show your code


Hi @suraj_gaikwad

Check if the PDF files from the previous run are still present in the download folder. If the files are not cleared or moved after the first run, the subsequent runs may not be able to download additional files.

To resolve this, you can either delete or move the existing PDF files before starting the download in each run. You can use the “Delete” activity or “Move File” activity in UiPath to handle this.

also,ensure that the downloaded PDF files have unique file names. If the downloaded files have the same name, the subsequent runs may overwrite the existing file instead of creating new files.
To avoid this, you can append a timestamp or a unique identifier to the file name while saving the PDF files. This will ensure that each downloaded file has a distinct name.


Thank you so much guys

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