Which type move 2 or more downloaded pdf files

Hello…my automation robot downloaded two or more pdf file and when download finish that time in that folder total 4 pdf files but i need only downloaded files move to specific folder.
can you say which type solved it.


You can use the move file Activity for moving the pdf files.
Have a look on this on this reference->

Hi @rAE_rAS,

if you have use Google chrome enable ‘Ask download location’ button, then you can able to change your location.


but i have move recently downloaded pdf files and i have not particular
name of that pdf

use directory.getfiles(“filepath”)-- datatype is array of string
after use for each activity
inside for each use move file activity

in this video he write file name too in the path but i need only move pdf file and that file is latest downloaded more then one

for that its better to save files always in unique folders , because identify the latest files

so before move you can use if condition


Hello @rAE_rAS ,

To get the latest file from the downloaded folder use
FileToMove (List of String)= String.Join(“,”, Directory.GetFiles(our_FolderPath,”*.pdf”,SearchOption.AllDirectories).OrderByDescending(Function(d) New FileInfo(d).CreationTime).Take(2) )

Now use this List of string and use for loop to get individual file path and use Move file activity to move the file.