Read different CSV

I would need to read different CSV files after I save attachments from outlook. How can I do it since the file path is fixed?

Use a for each file in folder loop on the folder where you are saving all the attachments.
The loop is there in Library>snippets>loops of the studio. The file path will be stored in loop items and you can use read csv activity inside the for each loop to read multiple csv’s.

Hi, thank you for your reply. Is it the same with excel as well?


sorry i am new to uipath.

What do I choose from the loops folder?

what do i put in the Read CSV activity since my filepath is fixed(“C:\Users\qisha\Desktop\UiPath\PC.csv”? since im saving new files with different names.

read csv.xaml (10.0 KB)

Please find the workflow which will download all the attachments from outlook and then will read the attachments which are of .csv format. You can use delete file activity for the files which are not csv.


That’s ok