Camparing 2 csv files- Automation is taking time

Hi All,

I am working on the below project. Since I am new to UiPath need your help to sort it out.

My goal is to compare 2 csv files saved locally. I have build a sequence(Recon_IRCTC_Booking.xaml) to do the same. I have tested it on files with less rows and it works fine. However when I test on larger files, it takes a lot of time.

Can anyone help me optimize it? Thanks in advance. (1.5 KB)

(Recon_IRCTC_Booking.xaml (10.8 KB)

Not able to open above zip file? @shrayud

Check this below workflow, @shrayud
IRCTC_Booking_Reconciliation.xaml (6.4 KB) and also find the output file attached Output_Booking_Reportd.xlsx (7.4 KB)
Hope this may help you :slight_smile:

Hi @shrayud ,
Please read the csv files to a data table using csv activity and then compare the data table row by row.

Hi Manish,

Thanks this works. I also need to reconcile the booking_amount further. Should I add another If block or make any changes if the Condition ?


I have edited the LINQ in .xaml file to also map transaction_ID and booking_amount. This too is taking a lot of time. Can anyone help me in what I have missed?

IRCTC_Booking_Reconciliation.xaml (8.8 KB)

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