Download UiPath Platform from website directly

It would be beneficial for everyone to have a dedicated download section on the UiPath website itself where one can login and download the products from. Requesting a trial every time new version comes is not a good experience and also 9 out 10 times it doesn’t send an email with a link to download. It will be a really good user experience if we can login to UiPath website to get access to whatever we have purchased and any updates to that products and download directly from there.

There are lots of providers which allows you this ability to manage products and licenses that you have purchased directly from their website.


You can login into and then go to Resource Center and download which ever Uipath version you want either Enterprise or Community Edition.

If you want any trail licence key then you should register and then only you will get licence key.

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@lakshman That will only give you studio and not the Orchestrator + Bots installers. We have a single installer for all three components at the moment which we got as a link in email. What we need is a place in UiPath webstie where we can download newer version of platform installer.

The installation artifacts are provided when you first purchase Orchestrator or they can be provided by your customer success manager or our support team.

@Pablito I understand what you are saying but wouldn’t it be better to have it available on the website itself. I know UiPath will lose one opportunity to upsell but every time one needs a new installer contacting support is not an ideal experience. I am not asking for workaround. I am asking for a simple place to download what we have paid for.

Orchestrator is constantly evolving and as it’s not directed to everyone like Studio Community Edition. I think it would be time consuming to compile each package and re-submit it when it’s not that often needed (mostly when buying it or during upgrade).

Yes, it is very confusing to download the software. I had to spam some people on LinkedIn before I figured out I was having a browser issue while trying to sign up.

For a web based installer with email-based license activation, just put the EXE/MSI on a searchable part of the main page, and deal with the license IRL, via email, or in-app…

@Robot.Builder.9001 Absolutly agree with you but look at the official response from them. They don’t want to listen to the community. You may have a greate product but if you don’t listen to the community it will be out in few years time and then companies wonder why people walked away.

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You need to know that behind this are more details that just only the fact that we won’t to give the link for Orchestrator installation for everyone. Orchestrator (even trial version) is delivered together with trial license which needs to be assign to particular person/company in order to have clear data and being able to monitor the licenses and many other things. If this would be open for everyone then people could overuse this by registering fake accounts, fake mails etc. Of course it’s not the main reason but one of them.

I not agree with this. We have dozens of feedback which became an actual features in Studio, Orchestrator and other products. Not all ideas we are able to use. The reason might be: wrong idea, technically not possible etc. But look here:

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Anti-spam/fake signup measures are getting increasingly draconian in most mainstream places, probably for no good reason. That means they are shifting the Overton Window for what acceptable measures are.

Let’s be clear, the primary reason that you (the company) don’t want fake data in your database is because of whatever analytics or data mining that you’re doing. Secondary to that would be any kind of goodwill to keeping the tool out of the hands of spammers and script kiddies, or to prevent trolling, etc.

If it wasn’t clear, I don’t like the current Cloud model where all data and metadata are scooped up and sold or given away to everyone and their brother. Nothing wrong with using someone else’s server, it’s the insane data mining that I object to.

I can agree with this but partially. There is a way of having your own Orchestrator on your own server. Of course this require the license etc. But Orchestrator is huge and together with license you have Enterprise helpdesk available as well. Regarding cloud model - I can’t image the way to work with webhooks, api calls, schedules etc. if this wouldn’t be in the cloud. Otherwise I need to have everything running on my machine (consuming power and resources constantly) and having the other way to combine orchestrator capabilities with other products like Azure Apps.

All Installers (Studio, Orchestrator & Platform Installer) are available for download in - Resource Center section.
Under main Resource center page you’ll find Studio, while Orchestrator and other UiPath installers are available under the Other products section.

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Hi @Bianca_Duminica,
I can’t find the Resource Center Section, can you help me attaching a image of where I can download th Platform Installer please_
Thank you in advance

Sure. please follow these steps:

  • Login to your Automation Cloud account
  • In the bottom left corner of the screen you’ll find a help icon looking like this: image
  • Click on the help icon
  • You’ll reach the Resource center page & will have on the right side of the screen a panel named Resource Links.
  • Expand Other Products section & there you’ll find the UiPathPlatformInstaller.exe

Hi @Bianca_Duminica, @Pablito
Is there a reason why there’s not a Platform Installer for the 20.10 and 21.4 versions? I wanted to upgrade my On Premise Orchestrator with the Platform Installer to the 21.4 version but I had to do it with the Orchestrator installer; in the other hand, a client wants to install the 20.10 version but I don’t longer see the Platform installer in the Cloud.


Thanks in advance

hi @jvalbuena,
Starting 21.4 we’ve decommissioned UiPath Platform Installer.exe
See details here: Goodbye Platform Installer

@Bianca_Duminica Thank you so much for your answer, regarded to the 20.10 installer, is there a way to download that previous version? Or does the client have to move on directly to the 21.4 version?
Thanks in advance.

You can still download the 20.10 Platform Installer. The direct download URL can be provided by the support team. Please reach our through Contact Licensing Queries & Activations

Thank you so mucha Bianca!!

No such a link avialable in the cloud. Can you please provide a direct link or psot a picture?
Thank you