Download UiPath Platform from website directly

It would be beneficial for everyone to have a dedicated download section on the UiPath website itself where one can login and download the products from. Requesting a trial every time new version comes is not a good experience and also 9 out 10 times it doesn’t send an email with a link to download. It will be a really good user experience if we can login to UiPath website to get access to whatever we have purchased and any updates to that products and download directly from there.

There are lots of providers which allows you this ability to manage products and licenses that you have purchased directly from their website.


You can login into and then go to Resource Center and download which ever Uipath version you want either Enterprise or Community Edition.

If you want any trail licence key then you should register and then only you will get licence key.

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@lakshman That will only give you studio and not the Orchestrator + Bots installers. We have a single installer for all three components at the moment which we got as a link in email. What we need is a place in UiPath webstie where we can download newer version of platform installer.

The installation artifacts are provided when you first purchase Orchestrator or they can be provided by your customer success manager or our support team.

@Pablito I understand what you are saying but wouldn’t it be better to have it available on the website itself. I know UiPath will lose one opportunity to upsell but every time one needs a new installer contacting support is not an ideal experience. I am not asking for workaround. I am asking for a simple place to download what we have paid for.

Orchestrator is constantly evolving and as it’s not directed to everyone like Studio Community Edition. I think it would be time consuming to compile each package and re-submit it when it’s not that often needed (mostly when buying it or during upgrade).