Where to download Orchestrator Upgrade Installer?


How can I download the Orchestrator Installer (UiPathOrchestrator.msi)? I can’t find any links to download in the website. I’m currently using 2018.4 enterprise licensed and need to upgrade to 2019.10.

Thanks in advance !!

I want to do the same. Can’t see downloads on UiPath website…

@johnom and @soravispr

Login to https://cloud.uipath.com/ and click on Resources centre, and download the enterprise edition. Last time i checked when you download that you get both studio and ochestrator installation files, i might be wrong.

By default, you will get the latest version which is 20.4.1 but if you want the previous version click on show other versions like in the screenshot below

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The latest UiPathOrchestrator.msi will always be available through this URL: https://download.uipath.com/UiPathOrchestrator.msi

At the time of writing of this post, we have just released 2020.4 so the installer available through the link above is 2020.4

However, if you want to download Orchestrator 2019.10, then you can use the URL below which is the Orchestrator installer version that was part of the UiPath Platform 2019.10.5 patch release. I’m also including the URL to the release notes of 2019.10.5


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What about the lastest LTS versions?

Occurding to https://www.uipath.com/product-lifecycle-2019 (per 16.09.2020)
Platform = v2019.10.6
Studio = v2019.10.5
Orchestator = v2019.10.19

https://download.uipath.com/versions/19.10.19/UiPathOrchestrator.msi resolves, but how do I get Studio?

Hi @elteru
Here are the links to the latest LTS installers:

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