Where is UiPath upgrade installer link?

We are planning to upgrade our UiPath environment to 2019.4.2 (2019 FastTrack) version. Previous version 2018.1.4 was installed using Uipath platform installer but I cannot find link to download. We have a licensed enterprise version.

Where can I download UiPath platform installer from for this version ( 2019.4.2 ) ?

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Login into https://platform.uipath.com using any of the available login options and then go to Resource Center page and download latest version Enterprise Edition.

Isn’t that just a studio ? What about orchestrator+bots ? I am looking for a single installer that has all 3 components.

Hi @virang_21,

You need to contact UiPath Support for request Installer.


Fill all the details and register here. You will receive mail with download link. Install UiPathPlatformInstaller.exe application which bundles all 3 components.

It is silly that UiPath doesn’t have dedicated download section. Its a basic requirement and every time you need a new installer you have to register and also it is not clear that that is where you will get your installer from. I know this is a community forum and I am venting my frustration but this is such a basic thing.

Suggestion to UiPath : Make a dedicated download section so people can download without registering every time.

@lakshman Thank you for your suggestion. I got the hold of installer.

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