Download/open Java file from a new browser window


First off I am new to StudioX so I apologize if this is a bad question. I tried to search for solutions but did not find anything.

My issue is I need to click on a “Download” button from the browser, and this will open up a new window where I will need to click a “frmservlet” download button in the bottom left of the screen which in turn opens up a Java module that I want to further automate.

The problem is when I open up the new window, it does not allow me to click on anything and I get the below error message.

I tried to use Check App State to find the newly opened window which seemed to work, but it still isn’t letting me click on the frmservlet download in the bottom left.

Below is a screenshot of my current workflow where the issue arises –

Can anyone help me with this problem? Thank you!

Hi @mcappilla ,

Since you are using StudioX it is having modern design experience. Are you using use application/browser activity and there is property window attach mode → application instance instead of single window.

There is no attach window activity in modern design experience and attaching windows automatically taking care by use application/browser activity. please check and let us know. thanks.

Hi Kirankumar,

I just checked and I did in fact already have Application instance checked off in the original Use Browser Chrome. See below screenshot. Please let me know if there is anything else I should check for.


Try using start process and pass the frmlet file location to it…and it will open the application…you need not perform a click