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I have a requirement. In a webpage I have couple of downloadable files. I need to download the files which were added for the current date to to a local folder.

Not clear what do you want do ? Any screen shots ?

… screenshot attached and I want only files with 09282018 to be downloaded to my local inside a directory.

Hi @abhyudayajena

It looks like the data is structured. I would use the Uipath’s ability to extract structured data from this page including urls and then filter this data to download all files you need. This could be done by a direct http request done by Uipath for each extracted url that matches your criteria.

I am pretty confident that all this information is available here on the forum :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info… can you please let me know the activities to be used as I am new to uipath.

Sure, here is a breakdown of how to achieve it.

First, you open the browser with your link:

Then, you use the Data Scraping functionality to extract the URLs. Please refer to a multitude of tutorials on the UiPath Academy and on the forum about it :slight_smile:

Then you add some data processing and you can download your file with HTTP Request activity if the condition matches your criteria (in this case, if the file is uploaded with today’s date):

Please see the example attached. Beware that it will not download any files because all dates on the server are now 28-08-2018 :slight_smile:

Let me know if you need some additional explanation about the formulas. The code is parsing the date from the extracted Data Table and then comparing it to today’s date :slight_smile: (47.3 KB)


Awesome… I luv it… Now one more enhancement … can we pass the date dynamically and download the file matches to that date?

Can you please type in the if condition mentioned above here…

Hi @abhyudayajena

I attached the project file at the end of the post :slight_smile:

Hi @ abhyudayajena,

try this:

TestWeb.xaml (10.3 KB)