Download file via http Request

Hello everybody,

I want to integrate the deepl API into one our Process.

The Idea is that the bot is able to use API of DeepL to translate complete file, meaning it is uploading the file, deepl is translating it and then the Bot is supossed to download the complete file via the API.

But this stepp does not work. I know that the file is being translated, since im beeing billed for it :wink:

I use the http request acitivty and then Desirialize JSON to get the information.

Does anybody know how I can retrieve the complete file from http response?

Any suggestions are appriciated! Thank you :slight_smile:


You need to check the Document Status and check the Status as Done

then you can place place the Download Translated Document

Hope this may help you


Hi Srini,

thanks for the quick reply!

Yes I have considered the Status of the document, I am only trying to retrieve the file once the status is at β€œDone”

My Problom is that I do not know how to extract the file from the final response. Do you have an idea?


You can use the Document ID which was generated from Status of the Document API and after you can use POST method and build the endpoint using the Document ID

If you are getting any errors share the screenshot

Hope this may help you


I do not really get an error message but the output of the POST method looks like this :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

httpFinalRespone.txt (19.1 KB)

Or can I use the "filename for response attachment " Option?

In my first retry the pdf I want to translate was create but cant be opened cause it seems to be corrupted

Hii @LogisticsRPA ,
Can you give a try by providing the filename (Fullpath) and let us k know whether u can get your required file in the mentioned filepath?
Note : Below is the scrrenshot of the Properties panel of HTTP Request activity


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