Convert binary data to text


I am using DeepL API with HTTP request activity to translate a document. The output that I am getting in the Result of HTTP request is in binary form.

How can I convert it into readable text and then save it into a datatable?


Did this thread help you resolve this


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I tried the above solution but it seems that my data has also some other characters. This is the binary output:

And this is the error that I got:

@Palaniyappan Any help in this regard please?

Check whether is any other character at the start or at the end of the input @WASEEM_KHAN

@Palaniyappan This is my input data.
HttpOutputData.txt (18.5 KB)

There are some characters.
I am using this DeepL api(DeepL API).
Any suggestion, how to solve this problem?

@Palaniyappan This video(UiPath Http Request Upload file with Multipart form-data - YouTube) explains this thing but I do not know how to integrate this logic with the output of HTTP request activity.

I found out that the response of HTTP request activity contains header and other information. I got HTTP response in string format. Is there anyway that I can get result in stream format?