Download file activity picking .tmp file issue

Hey Anyone is facing the problem of the bot picking up .tmp file from download file activity.
Is there any solution for this?
I have tried giving delays in the activity to give it more time to fetch the file but by the time its fetching the file from the download folder, Its picking the .tmp file because the file is still not completely downloaded but partially downloaded.

I think,you can set a Do While there and execute the logic which is waiting until the downloaded file is finished

hi @ali.mohammed,

Can you try this.


Yes, sorry forgot to mention that i am using Download file activity from BalaReva.Externals.Activities package.

But when the file does pickup the file from download file activity. its picking up the .tmp file

Please Help me if anyone knows or has the solution to this issue.

@ali.mohammed You can try to set a filter on the download file. For example only download *.zip files that would exclude the .tmp file

@jvanmarion The download file activity doesn’t have any filter to apply

Can you tell me what you do exactly? Because that download file activity will download the file from a url into a local folder. It’s not doing anything else.

So i think your question is in the next part. What do you do next when you have downloaded the file?

Hi @ali.mohammed`,
Did you find out ?
I have the same issue …

I am currently using delay activities inside the download file activity by adjusting the time it takes to download the file.

Im also using DownloadFile activity and have the same issue with .tmp file…
Doesn’t matter if you downloading .zip .doc .docx or other file. I always get .tmp
Using this .xaml →
How does the "Wait for Download" activity work? - #2 by ptrobot
Somebody know how to fix this?

Try 10 sec delay at the end inside download activity. If download activity is still getting a .tmp file, try increasing the delay time. See example below: 2021-01-13 08_54_35-UiPath Studio - Testing

Let me know if that helped.

It doesn’t work

Could you please try to increase the timeout property and see if that helps?

Also, please try checking out the latest available System activity package, just to be sure.

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The default 300 sec for timeout is a lot of time for a file to be downloaded. My files usually get downloaded in 10-15 sec. So, I don’t think increasing the timeout property would change anything.
But still would try that. Moreover, the latest package is also experiencing this error.

Hi @ali.mohammed

Could you share:

  • exact version of your web browser
  • exact version of your System activity package
  • (optional) a sample project that reproduces the issue for you, preferably using a public website

That will help us investigate the issue further.

@loginerror I believe that this is happening because Chrome first creates a .tmp file and only rename it to a .crdownload file when the actual downloading starts. In between, Chrome is checking if the download link is pointing to a malicious file. This check is usually very fast so it’s not a problem for most people. But if there’s a delay between the renaming from .tmp to .crdownload, the Wait For Download might think that the .tmp file is the downloaded file.


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That might be, I will add it to our internal ticket.

I know that the activity is already programmed to handle the .tmp files, but it could be that some corner cases still need to be adjusted.



In the meantime, here’s a workaround using Do While:
WaitForDownloadSkipTmp.xaml (13.7 KB)