Download Email Attachments using Microsoft Office 365 Activities

We’re trying to use the new activities of “Microsoft Office 365” to read emails and download the attachments of these mails.

By using Office365ApplicationScope activity then GetMail one as part of it, we were able to retrieve the emails details.

Yet, we weren’t able to get the attachments files of these mails.

Any idea of how to get the attachment files using MS Office 365 activities.

We don’t have an activity to download the files using microsoft office 365 activities @Khaled-AS

we have only four of those, like send , get, forward and move. so you need to use save attachments activity to do that

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So if we are getting the output as a list of mail message then we can save the mail with Save attachment activity by passing the mail input and the folder path where to save them

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Thanks @HareeshMR, you were right, the robot saves the attachments now using Save Attachment activity.

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