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I faced a problem with uipath installer because its size so huge ( almost 1 GB ) , so i just need the assistant package only without studio so i think the package size will be less … Is there any way to have package with assistant only !!!


I agree msi installer is too large. However, there seems no way but use msi installer to install robot/assistant…


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this sounds so bad !!

are you sure that there is no way , I have searched in resource center but I only found an assistant for Mac !! Is there a package for Windows !!

UiPath is not providing an MSI file to install only the Assistant on Windows machines.

As Yoichi said, you should first download the full MSI file and then install only the needed components. Some components have some restrictions as they cannot be installed separately.

More details can be found here:

Let us know if this helped you.

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Thanks a lot for your reply .

but one thing else just to be sure , Is there a chance to have a custom assistant package for windows if I have purchased the enterprise edition as it provides a full direct support from uipath team!!

You can open a case with the UiPath Technical Support Team, but the only thing that they can do for you is to raise an Enhancement Request.

However, UiPath cannot provide an ETA on when this enhancement request will be taken into consideration/implemented since this type of request will go through an approval process and will be discussed internally.

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