Can I install UIpath Assistant without having bot studio installed in the system

Is it possible to have only Uipath Assistant without installing Uipath Studio?
From where should I download Uipath Assistant
Thank you in Advance

Hi @Pratiksha_Pawar1 ,

Yes you can, and that option is made available to you once you toggle over to Custom as shown in the screenshot below →

Then depending upon how you want to configure the bot, you can go for either Attended or Unattended, both of which include the Assistant Installation.

As for downloading it, you have to head over to UiPath Cloud → Help → Download Community/Enterprise


You can read more from here.

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Ashwin A.K

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@Pratiksha_Pawar1 I guess it is not possible to get only Assistant without studio. Since assistant is specially made for attended automation that we developed in studio. For more info on assistant

It is mandatory for User with Attended license to have Uipath studio installed ?? We cannot download and install only Uipath asisstant??

Yes we can. If you are just running the process and not developing(like business users) it doesn’t make sense to install studio also. In that case, we can just install assistant and connect the robot.



You can install UiPath Assistant without studio also.