Install Only UiPath Assistant?

Is there a way to only download UiPath Assistant without installing UiPath Studio?

Hello @tonyspizza ,

For Community Edition, I don’t think we can.

For Enterprise Edition, based on the documentation, it is supposed to be possible. But recently some users upgraded to Enterprise, but they were unable to skip Studio.

That said, Studio on the end users machine was helpful because the users were able to install all the Browser extensions themselves via the Tools menu in Studio.

Andy, thanks for replying but I think our team figured it out. Looks like with the enterprise level installer we have, it gives us an option what to install. So we can install Studio, Assistant, or Unattended robots.


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Thanks for the update @tonyspizza!

I don’t know then what gives on our end. We don’t see the option to install only the Assistant. :thinking:

I will keep an eye out if I get the opportunity to install UiPath on another client machine. I don’t know what is it that I’m missing.

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