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Hey guys,
I Wanted to install the UiPath Enterprise edition, from 21.4.3 version to 22.4 version, could you please share the link or steps for the same.
Thanks in Advance

Hi , you can follow the steps below


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Hello @Gopi_Krishna_Reddy - Login to orchestrator

  • Click on the resource center that you see on the right side

  • From there, you can download the required version


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If you don’t have access to the Cloud Portal, you can use this link to download the latest UiPath Studio version at this moment 2022.4.6 https://download.uipath.com/versions/22.4.6/UiPathStudio.msi

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Hi, @marian.platonov , Thanks for providing the Download Link, it is very helpful for me.

Thank you


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