Doubts on Back ground automation

Hi Guys,

We have a set of processes to automate for one of my clients

My client wanted to implement it with the help of background automation so that the operators can continue their work on the same system where bot runs

So I want to hear from you guys with your personnel experience, what kind of functionalities I can not achieve from background automation? like reading with ocr which needs the window to be on screen and
what are the drawbacks or situations I may face with background automation compare to the foreground?


@Palaniyappan @lakshman @Raghavendraprasad


Buy Orchestrator and Unattended BOT licence to do these. Just you need one dedicated system for this. We can schedule these processes using Orchestrator and it will login to system and perform actions and will signout from system automatically. No need of any manual intervention.



As per the process here the ocr usage will be only when we are reading pdf and that too can handled in two ways like either we can use READ PDF with OCR
We can covert the pdf to doc file (not docx file) if we have the licensed version of adobe reader so that once after converting we can read that converted pdf file to doc file with word activities used READ TEXT activity

Then apart from that when using any java application ensure we have installed java extension and obtained robust selectors for Any element that we choose

Apart from that enable simulate type, simulate click for background automation

And we need orchestrator and unAttended robot to do this
Ensure we have that license

then we are ready to sail aboard
Cheers @Karun

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Thanks for the quick replies @Palaniyappan @lakshman

and I want to know any other functionalities which may not support background automation
and any drawbacks which you may faced?


Hmm no buddy
No such functionalities that won’t run on background especially with regards to your process
You can do it in sequence very easily

Only we thing we migh face is with the selectors of element that choose with the application
If that is handled with care like using wildcards then that can be resolved as welL
Cheers @Karun

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Currently I’m using take screen shot activity in catch block to capture if any exception occurs
how can i achieve this with background automation?(windows are hidden)

Yah that would work in background as well
Cheers @Karun

Hi there @Karun

This seems like pretty much run of the mill processes that we come across in mos tof the projects.

I suggest reading PDF (native text) to be from a really good OCR tool to limit the errors, rather than taking something that might cause you to handle too many errors.

Portal work mostly either it should be API calls or UiAutomation which I think is fairly easy… Although you have to build a logical framework better yet scalable logic that can accommodate changes in the future.

Can you elaborate what Leads in dynamics you want to create?

background automation is basically unattended robots, but your statement is contradictory because if an operator wants to work in the same system then there shouldn’t be any foreground UiElement interaction involved in the process. If you can do everything with API calls and background coding then it should be fine.

PS : Reading from OCR can be done in the backgound (stations and such) using ABBYY, but it might turn out to be a bit on the costlier side.

Regards :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Raghavendraprasad :+1:

Just I tried with Take screenshot activity but it bringing the window to foreground

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Did we try running in unattended way

I tried in community edition by taking simple click activity in try and take screenshot activity in catch block

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this wont affect our process to run in Background buddy
pls go ahead with the full process execution

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Yes @Palaniyappan the process is running fine but it bringing the window to foreground
as i said earlier while the bot is running the operator also uses the same system he works on his tasks, in between suddenly any window will appear (because of bot execution) it may leads to the error this is the case i am worrying

I am clear about all these activities click, typeinto, send hotkey, read pdf, Element exists etc… these are working perfect in background but activities like Get OCR Text, Take Screenshot, Find Image… etc these activities are getting the window to foreground to work. so as of my understanding if there is no dependency on these activities we can go with background automation.

am i correct?

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this can be done only when the process doesnt involves any usage of BROWSER, OCR, TAKING SCREENSHOTS, FIND IMAGE, CLICK IMAGE, ANCHOR BASE…as you mentioned

so if these are not involved only then we can automate the process and mean while we can use the same server

so you are absolutely correct

and to avoid this why not if possible we can implement this completely in a new server exclusively for this process, so that we wont face this
Cheers @Karun

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