Doubts about Tenant Licensing and License Distribution

Hello everyone.

I’ve got some issues with licensing and multi-tenancy, and I hope somebody here could gently help me :slight_smile:
What happens is the following:

I’ve got one license key, apparently with every single license inside. I’ve got 14 Studio licenses, 1 Unattended Robot, and 1 Orchestrator. The problem is that:

  • When activating the license at host level, no licenses come up. I’ve got 0 in every category, as seen in the following screen:

    So, I cannot allocate anything.

  • When activating the license at tenant level, the host license gets removed and remains unlicensed, and again, I’m not able to see anything in the license dashboard. However, at host level, it says that the tenant has license assigned, but no robots.


  1. Do I have to allocate the license at host level to re-distribute from there, or do I have to allocate the license per tenant with different codes?
  2. Why I’m not seeing anything? Maybe the license was activated as stand-alone by another user and I’m not able to see it ad administrative level?


Your best option would be get contact with UiPath Support Team to get a better answer :slight_smile: