Doubt in Variable Default Expression

Hi guys,

i have a project in my ofc actually its an old proj which we are again taken in that one variable is declared as string misfilepath and its default value is given as “in_config(“Mis File Path”).ToString”

I just want to know the meaning of this given expression and that “Mis File Path” is not assigned or given in any sequence except here and in this sequence and this variable is used in path exists activity.

Kindly help me into this. thanks

Hi vicky,
“in_config(“Mis File Path”).ToString”
–> this means it use dictionary variable ‘in_config’ with key ‘Mis File Path’ to get real value.
So it will be some workflow or activity in project that do task for getting configuration (from local configuration file or asset from orchestrator, convert it to dictionary object, and assign it to variable.

Hope this help you to understand more :slight_smile:

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@tavineei hi bro thanks for ur reply actually its a big project there are more sequences and in main xaml file there is a flowchart in that first thing is tat bot chks whether all appliation lyk excel are installed in sys or not if installed there is a decision activity and if true then it comes to this sequence and chks the pathexists

ur reply is that in ‘in_config’ dictionary it searches for the key word ‘Mis File Path’ ryt.

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