To run project with filename coming from config file

hello all, i have scenario in my current project where filename(file path + filename) is coded within the xmal file. but now i have requirement to have filename in config file itself so that modification will be easier than changing the code in the xmal, because filename is used in the multiple times in the particular xmal. Please share me the solution at earliest,

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You can have a row with filename as name and values as the filepath+name in the constants or settings page

and in the code use in_Config("filename").ToString


hey @Siddarth_Nagarabenchi You can convert the filename into in_argument
in config write it in settings sheet

And map the argument as inconfig("FileName").toString

Hope it helps you

Hello Siddarth,
In your Project Folder, There is a Folder named ‘Data’, Open it, you’ll find a Config Excel file, Open the Excel File. You can copy and paste the File path in the Settings Sheet, Under the ‘Value’ Column. And Give it any name, For Example MyFileName. Then You can use it in the Xaml by using :
I hope this solves your Issue, Do clarify if u find any issues.